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Are you feeling uncertain? Have you lost your direction?

Get back on track.

Do you need help realizing your leadership potential?

Accelerate your career path.

I meet you where you are...

on your journey as an individual or organization.

Is your organization attracting the right workforce?

Stand out from the crowd.

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Building Successful Lives, Leaders,
& Organizations

Executive Coaching

Unlock your full leadership potential.

Life Coaching

Bridge transitions, overcome obstacles, optimize strengths.

OD Consulting

Build a culture that attracts and retains the best people.

I’m Karen Noble, my goal is your success!

As an Organizational Development Consultant and Life Coach based in New Jersey, I work with individuals and organizations to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential nationwide.

I have worn numerous hats in corporate and non-profit settings and have grown by learning from colleagues, clients, and friends along the way. I appreciate each and every person I have worked with!

I get to do what I love every day – whether it’s coaching an individual to work through a challenging transition or consulting with an organization to build a culture of thriving.  One of the reasons I love my job as a coach and consultant is because it allows me to leverage their strengths and become better at what they do while also challenging me to use all my varied experiences and learning.

I have worn numerous hats in corporate and non-profit settings and have grown by learning from colleagues, clients, and friends along the way. I appreciate each and every person I have worked with!


Latest News – Noble Notes

The Power of Motivation at Work: More Choice, Less Ego

Motivation: More Choice, Less Egostrategies to finding purpose at work. Many of these strategies also significantly impact motivation, i.e., including people in decision making, job crafting, and cultivating courage and safety. As mentioned previously, the six...

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The Power of Purpose at Work – Meaning

The Power of Purpose at Work - MeaningPower of Movement in my last article, and now I continue to the next “M” in the M6 Workplace Wellbeing Model – Meaning. I am using meaning and purpose interchangeably here. Their relationship is symbiotic in that we derive meaning...

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The Powerful Mind-Body Connection – Movement

Five Ways to Build A Movement Practice at Work the Power of Mentoring, and now I move to the second of the six “M’s” in the M6 Workplace Wellbeing Model – Movement. This one is near and dear to my heart as I am a physically active person who loves playing hard with...

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What People Are Saying

Karen is a “rock” and someone I would always value to have on my team or, better yet, lead my team!"

Shawn G. McBride
Foah International, LLC
Past Chairman of the Specialty Food
Association Board of Directors
Past Chairman of the Specialty Food
Foundation Board of Directors

“Karen distilled leadership theory into practical and personal application, working with me to assess a complicated environment and find a successful path forward. I'm still using lessons learned and very thankful for Karen's insights.”

Global Marketing Manager, Major International Law Firm

"I have noticed a marked difference in the way I work now. Karen helped me understand that I was ready to focus on leadership development, and really focused on talking about my strengths. My experience with Karen gave me the tools to become more purposeful in the work I am doing, and the confidence to view myself as a leader within my team.”

Avani Patel Asia Liaison on Global Venture and Fellowship — Ashoka


"Karen is totally committed to her client's growth and brings both her diverse corporate experience and her positive psychology orientation to every engagement.  She finds ways to connect with even skeptical or reluctant clients.  I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Karen on several occasions, and I look forward to doing so in the future.”

Michael Frisch Executive Coach and Coach Trainer; Consulting Psychologist — iCoach NY Faculty


"I have worked with Karen on different levels and have found her to be a valued colleague in brainstorming, planning, and coaching.  She has been a vital member of our team!”

Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Smith — Transitional Director of Presbytery Ministries -Presbytery of Newark


"The time I spent working with Karen this year was one of the smartest and most fruitful commitments I´ve made. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for guidance, focus, and lasting results.”

Maria Jose Cespedes Executive Director — Ashoka in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean


"You have been invaluable in helping me think through my personal relationships and make the changes I have needed to make for some time. You met we where I was and helped me find the courage to take each step along the way. I don’t think I would be where I am today without your coaching and help. Thank you!”

Life Coach Client


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