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OD Consulting

Does your organization need help in making sense of constantly changing markets, workforces, and strategies? 

Organization Development (OD) professionals work with structure, people, and process to design solutions and experiences that build effectiveness and impact ROI. In short, Organization Development (OD) helps build resilience for a sustainable future.

Culture Change

How prepared is your team for the next generations of workforce and their changing expectations?
I collaborate with Organization Development (OD) and Human Resource (HR) leaders to assess an organization’s current culture and help build one of wellbeing that puts people first. The world of work is shape-shifting with the intersection of a wide variety of transformational variables: technology, sharing economy, collaboration norms, self-management concepts, environmental design, and more.

With my education in Organization Change Management, OD, and Positive Psychology, I am well-prepared to help guide you and your organization to a better culture of positive health and wellbeing. My experience with a wide variety of corporations and NGOs allows me to understand the nature and culture of various organizations quickly and design and implement change. While culture change is a long-term commitment, I expedite your journey, engaging people in the process, and building energy and motivation that propels you forward and self-sustains the movement.

Research shows that positive culture impacts organizations in a variety of ways:
  • Turnover down 46%
  • Cost of sick leave reduced 19%
  • Productivity up 12%
  • Happiest employees 40% more focused; more energized 65% more of the time
  • Remain in jobs twice as long
Huffington Post, March 2013 I utilize proven OD and Change Management models along with the science of Positive Psychology to realize the best of verified science. While I customize each initiative, I have developed a foundational wellbeing culture model called M5 Model: Work Well.  You will achieve positive results whether you implement one element or all – the more you infuse into your culture, the more exponential results you achieve.


Whether it is the delivery of your workshop or the development and implementation of a custom series, I have the skills and experience to support your needs. I practice both the science and art of facilitation by building rapport, utilizing engaging methods based on how the adult brain works, and delivering practical tools that generate results. I work to ensure that workshops deliver on your expectations whether presented on-site or electronically via webinars or discussion groups.

Webinars & Workshops

The following lists sample topics that are available as speaker presentation topics, or they may be provided in the form of interactive workshops or webinars designed as discovery experiences. Presentations and webinars are generally range from 45 – 60 minutes, and workshops are 2-4 hours in length depending on level of interactivity.
Wellbeing Culture and It’s Surprising Impact on Business
Discover the importance of a wellbeing culture, what it looks/feels like, and its foundation in business, science, and human senses. Gain insights into the critical attributes of a high-performing positive enterprise and the significant benefits to the organization. Discover its importance as a recognizable differentiator to customers and employees, and how it helps attract and retain a talented workforce, especially the new generations of professionals. Learn practical ways you can build a wellbeing culture that helps build a resilient organization with the ability to bounce forward ensuring its sustainability for the future. Attendees walk away with simple ways to leverage the concepts to benefit the organization.
M5 Model: Building Resilient Organizations
Discover the M5 Model and the components of creating a business environment of resilience – the ability to not only bounce back from challenges, but to bounce forward. The M5 Model outlines a powerful strategy for future sustainability that includes: Meaning, Motivation, Movement, Mindfulness, and Mentoring. Discover how each of these can help create a lasting, sustainable organization that inspires individuals and creates energy to apply learnings immediately as well as include the model in larger strategies going forward. It may be used as a kick-off to a culture change initiative.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD:  The M5 Model: Building Positive Intelligence in Organizations

Happiness in the Workplace: What's Next?
Has the workplace happiness movement run out of steam? In this session I explore the happiness phenomenon, the controversy around it, and its potential future implications for business/organizations. Learn from successful companies that have made happiness/well-being an integral part of their culture as we explore what to avoid, the must-haves, and the easy-wins. Discover how you can immediately begin the journey toward a culture of workplace wellbeing.
Purpose in the Workplace: A Critical Strategic Advantage
The next generation of the workforce is redefining success in the business world. Research shows that young MBA graduates are increasingly prioritizing the values of the organization over higher salaries. Discover ways that individuals and organizations can make the workplace a meaningful experience that inspires people to meet their potential while also contributing to the overall entity. Learn the value of purpose, job crafting, passion projects, 90-minute focus, and more!


Career Coaching Life Coaching

What People Are Saying

Karen is a “rock” and someone I would always value to have on my team or, better yet, lead my team!"

Shawn G. McBride
Foah International, LLC
Past Chairman of the Specialty Food
Association Board of Directors
Past Chairman of the Specialty Food
Foundation Board of Directors

“Karen distilled leadership theory into practical and personal application, working with me to assess a complicated environment and find a successful path forward. I'm still using lessons learned and very thankful for Karen's insights.”

Global Marketing Manager, Major International Law Firm

"I have noticed a marked difference in the way I work now. Karen helped me understand that I was ready to focus on leadership development, and really focused on talking about my strengths. My experience with Karen gave me the tools to become more purposeful in the work I am doing, and the confidence to view myself as a leader within my team.”

Avani Patel Asia Liaison on Global Venture and Fellowship — Ashoka


"Karen is totally committed to her client's growth and brings both her diverse corporate experience and her positive psychology orientation to every engagement.  She finds ways to connect with even skeptical or reluctant clients.  I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Karen on several occasions, and I look forward to doing so in the future.”

Michael Frisch Executive Coach and Coach Trainer; Consulting Psychologist — iCoach NY Faculty


"I have worked with Karen on different levels and have found her to be a valued colleague in brainstorming, planning, and coaching.  She has been a vital member of our team!”

Rev. Dr. Barbara A. Smith — Transitional Director of Presbytery Ministries -Presbytery of Newark


"The time I spent working with Karen this year was one of the smartest and most fruitful commitments I´ve made. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for guidance, focus, and lasting results.”

Maria Jose Cespedes Executive Director — Ashoka in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean


"You have been invaluable in helping me think through my personal relationships and make the changes I have needed to make for some time. You met we where I was and helped me find the courage to take each step along the way. I don’t think I would be where I am today without your coaching and help. Thank you!”

Life Coach Client


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