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Brief Description: Founded in 2001, the organization is based on the concept of social entrepreneurship and pro-active, self-motivated achievement. It strives to attract and hire high-achievers from the best schools globally and encourages risk-taking and innovation. As a result of such a high-performing, self-starting culture, rules are not always well-defined and goals are not always clear or consistent.

The organization contracts short-term executive coaching engagements (6 meetings) twice annually for their young, smart professionals collaboratively helped identify a personal development plan for each individual that was designed to evolve over time. Insights from peers, colleagues, and managers were gathered when appropriate. These plans ranged from in-depth personal assessment and identification of potential career paths to development of leadership skills appropriate to the current situation/environment.

Results: Through practical application of tools and resources, clients were better prepared to articulate their goals and discuss the plan with their management. Results included increased morale, renewed energy and clarity of direction, and an increase in confidence in navigating the organization and how to pro-actively take action.

For more on my approach to coaching, take a look at my website and other blog posts about Life Coaching and Organization Development.