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Here are some ways that you can leverage Positive Psychology to help employees realize their full  potential.

Setting employee expectations and goals at the workplace can sometimes create the opposite effect of what you intended. Instead of encouraging employees to better themselves, they experience stress and anxiety over their job performance, which in turns results in a negative impact on job performance. By using ideas established by positive psychology coaching, you can create a positive and encouraging workplace, which leads to a stronger workforce and an improvement in the company’s bottom line.

Positive Psychology in Action

Positive psychology focuses on not just achieving temporary goals or going with the flow and accepting life as it is, but on taking purposeful steps to achieve meaningful goals for a more satisfying life. As such, it focuses on what makes life worth living and the positive aspects of each day. These positive psychology coaching ideas can help employees reduce their anxiety and, instead, explore and embrace their positive attributes to help them achieve their goals.

Shifting from wrong to right. The preoccupation and stress of employees can decrease significantly by shifting the focus from what is wrong with them to what is right. Reduced stress leads to clearer minds. This, in turn, allows them to focus on finding the solutions to reach their goals.

Developing positive emotional awareness. Developing optimism in your employees leads to an increase in their ability to cope with the adversity and the challenges of the workplace. In addition, developing positive emotional awareness can help your employees become more creative and productive.

Leveraging strengths. Positive psychology allows your employees to find their unique strengths, develop them to their fullest potential, and apply them to the workplace to increase productivity. People who build on their strengths also show an increase in resilience.

Accessing peak performance. Both willpower and waypower are necessary to increase your company’s performance. Willpower allows employees to believe they can reach their goals, while waypower focuses on finding the actual resolutions to problems to achieve goals.

How Positive Psychology Affects Your Company

Positive psychology coaching allows your employees to discover and develop their strengths, as well as finding ways to use those strengths to reach employee performance goals. Applying these principles also leads to other benefits in the workplace beyond an improvement in employee morale and overall performance.

Higher employee retention. Employees who feel that they can reach their employment goals have more of an incentive to stay with the company. Your talent will stay within the company allowing the business to focus on moving forward with projects instead of losing money in repeatedly hiring and training new employees.

Higher satisfaction rates. Positive psychology focuses on seeing employees as people. This makes them feel valued, which leads to increased satisfaction with their jobs and the workplace’s culture in general. Satisfaction translates into motivation to complete tasks and maintaining performance levels.

Better health. Employees who are less stressed and anxious over their weaknesses lead healthier lives. They become resilient in mind and body as well. Your company will rely on their continued, uninterrupted employment instead of suffering disruptions from unhealthy or compromised employees.

The implementation of the principles of positive psychology coaching encourages your employees to overcome their doubts and focus on finding their strengths instead. Not only will you find improvements in team performance and morale, but the increased positivity in the workplace will have a notable improvement on your bottom line.

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