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Welcome to the first entry of my new blog: “NOBLE NOTES: Insights + Ideas + Inklings’!

I will be sharing a variety of thoughts and concepts with you in a fun and energetic way and hope you will enjoy them. I am also eager to hear your feedback as well as recommendations for interesting topics.


I will be writing about concepts regarding the application of Positive Psychology in the work place and insights on what a culture of well-being looks and feels like – and, importantly, why we care about it. You will become familiar with the M5 Model about developing a wellbeing culture and discover ‘how-to’s’ on each of the “M’s”: Meaning, Motivation, Mindfulness, Movement, and Mentoring. You will also learn how it impacts the resilience of an organization and its future sustainability.

We will discuss how mindfulness is more than meditation and, in fact, how it includes a new way of thinking and being that encourages focus and infuses intention into the work place.

We will talk about the changing workplace and how it is being driven by each new generation of the work force and their changing expectations about work. There is evidence that work is becoming more purpose driven, and I will share an excerpt from my article on Profit + Purpose = Thriving.

I will introduce you to my coaching mantra, “humble . . . kind . . . generous” and how it impacts my practice and supports the tenets of Positive Psychology. We will have fun with ways to self-coach and how to be more intentional in having coaching conversations at work and in other relationships.

We will explore how Positive Psychology supports work place change and how tools like the Change Activation Toolkit are examples of using a perspective of positive advantage to help make a hard job easier.

So, stay tuned and stay in touch as we launch Noble Notes and I share my insights, ideas, and inklings!